Setting a New Standard for Water

We stand for a pristine water quality that revitalizes the body with essential minerals and alkalinity qualities. We stand to support and empower ecological and entrepreneurial movements with proceeds directed towards socially minded projects and organizations. We stand for a better future for our planet by using biodegradable materials.

About The Bottle

In our commitment to ensure a sustainable and environmentally impactful production cycle, the DOT bottle was designed with an additional eco-compound for accelerated biodegradability. This allows DOT to degrade and return back to nature.

✓ No Pollution

✓ No Threat To Nature

✓ 100 % Recyclable

✓ Less Plastic Waste


We are leaders in the beverage industry and we believe that every individual is as powerful as us. Our business operations are decentralized and DOT is available through a network of independent distributors. Join our DOT Culture and build a business your way while having fun living your best life.

Join our Movement

Stand for a Better Standard of Water

What is DOT Water?

DOT is a leading Canadian water brand with decentralized operations. Our water is just as nature intended, pure, sustaining and refreshing.

How is DOT different from other water brands?

DOT is not just a product but a platform that empowers different segments of the community through water. Our movement is socially aware, environmentally conscious, and focused on the bridging of cultures.


DOT is a leading beverage brand with decentralized operations. Our purpose is to provide the highest quality of water while empowering communities and thought leaders across the planet.


North America: OSAR Enterprises

T / +1 902 978 0166

MENA Region: Pier Zero Co


T / +966 5833 62666

United Kingdom: Liberate Nation Limited

Tel: +44 (0) 2038783407



Pier Zero Co. is the exclusive distributor
of DOT water in the MENA Region.

If you would like to be part of the DOT culture and be our representative in your area, CLICK HERE!