Setting a New Standard for Water

We stand for a pristine water quality that revitalizes the body with essential minerals and alkalinity qualities. We stand to support and empower ecological and entrepreneurial movements with proceeds directed towards socially minded projects and organizations. We stand for a better future for our planet by using oxo-biodegradable plastic.

About The Bottle

In our commitment to ensure a sustainable and environmentally impactful production cycle, the DOT bottle was designed with an additional eco-compound, Reverte, for accelerated oxo-biodegradability. This allows DOT to degrade and return back to nature.

✓ No Pollution

✓ No Threat To Nature

✓ 100 % Recyclable

✓ Less Plastic Waste

A Socially Minded Company

DOT supports a number of socially minded organizations including Roundabout Water Solutions, an organization that developed Playpump, a system that uses the energy created by children playing to operate a water pump.

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Stand for a Better Standard of Water

What is DOT Water?

DOT alkaline spring water is naturally obtained from springs of the Canadian Rocky Mountains then packaged in an  all clear, round, and oxo-biodegradable bottle. Our water is rich with fundamental body minerals and salts. With the pH level of 7.9, DOT alkaline spring water neutralizes body acidity, which leads to increased oxygen levels  and improved energy and metabolism. DOT spring water also has low sodium levels of 0.8 mg/L. Our water is just  as nature intended, pure, sustaining and refreshing.  A portion of proceeds from this bottled water helps to maintain a PlayPump in South Africa and Lesotho 

DOT - Mission Based Company Delivering High Quality Water

DOT is premium natural spring water sourced from the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Alkaline 7.9 PH, BPA Proof, Zero Fluoride and more. In our commitment to ensure a sustainable and environmentally impactful production cycle, the DOT bottle was designed to be biodegradable. No Pollution, 100% Recyclable, Less Plastic Waste

What is the filtration method used for DOT?

The filtration on DOT is a dual stage set up, utilizing 2 housing each with 6-filters per housings:  first it goes through the 20-micron pre-filter, then the 5-micron final filter.
Regarding relative size of a micron: A micron is a unit of measure in the metric system equal to 1 millionth of a meter in length (about 39 millionths of an inch). The average cross-section of a human hair is 50 microns. The human eye cannot see anything smaller than 40 microns in size.

How is DOT different from other water brands?

DOT is not just a product but a platform that empowers different segments of the community through water. Our  movement is socially aware, environmentally conscious, and focused on the bridging of cultures.

Who is Roundabout Water Solutions and what are Play-Pumps?

Roundabout Water Solutions, is a NGO with an agreement with the African Department of Water Affairs and is raising donor funds to supply rural communities, with clean drinking water, by means of a sustainable pumping system, called a Playpump, that is powered by the play of children.
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DOT is highly alkaline water from the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Our purpose is to provide the highest quality of water while empowering communities and thought leaders across the planet.


North America: OSAR Enterprises Inc.

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MENA Region: Pier Zero Co


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United Kingdom: Liberate Nation Limited

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Pier Zero Co. is the exclusive distributor of DOT water in the MENA Region.

If you would like to be part of the DOT culture and be our representative in your area, contact us.